Camera Operator


 Professionally pulling focus and operating for over 15 years.  The following are a growing collection of projects that I have worked on as a Operator or Director of Photography. 

Kneading Dough

Tania Tchalikian

Tania's promotional reel, showcasing her skills, experience and determination to become a professional Sportscaster.

Double Dare POV Promo

I co-shot the All New Double Dare Promo.  We used  some creative POV techniques and cheats.

Ann Asks web series

Follow the link to the complete list of Ann Asks  webisodes YouTube:

And Vimeo:

The Western League

EP 1 of a web series showcasing an independent baseball league located in Bakersfield.  Additional Videos following managers, players and fans of the Pecos league are uploaded on the following Vimeo Channel:

Live Event

This represents a video intended for direct sales to the audience.  Copies can be digitally downloaded for profit or fundraising.