Action Camera Production


Generate excitement

 By using the power of the GoPro and other cameras to capture high quality and interesting video and still images, I can tell a story, document an event or provide educational instruction. 


Combine your best photos and video clips in to one movie

Have you ever thought about combining the best of your family photos and videos in to one entertaining video clip that you can share with friends and family.  I can take your favorite clips of a family event or vacation and compile them into a single clip that is easily shared and archived. 


Editing Existing Footage

If you have a collection of clips from a vacation or a sport that you want combined into an entertaining video package for display or distribution?  

Produced Videos

I can design a beginning to end project including, shooting interviews and performances, editing and delivering to the web. 


Editing Existing Footage

$500 for a 3 minute video, final running time. 

Produced Videos

Starting at $1000 for a 3 minute video, final running time. Addition cost may incur depending on travel to events and the number of events. 

A music video style movie showing two sisters enjoying a week long Equestrian Camp. Great for showing to friends and family, now and in the future. 

A collection of mock and actual interviews showcasing Tania's knowledge, skills and determination to work as a professional sportscaster. 

A short clip in a series demonstrating basic soccer skill used to introduce new players to the team. 

An entertaining, action filled video demonstrating the variety and characteristic of a recently created OHV trail. 

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