Drone Photography

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Drone Services

I provide Drone services with a small footprint. Much of my work is supplemental to being hired as a Focus Puller or Operator.

The type of aerial shots that I am best suited are low altitude, close proximity that bridges the gap between Stedicam  and Large Crane.

Drone Equipment

I have several different Drones with slightly different characteristics.  The Drone frames differ in size, speed, duration of flight, control options and durability.  All of my drones carry some version of the GoPro Action Camera.



Skyler Stecker "How did we" https://youtu.be/Ofu9MycPrl8?list=RDOfu9MycPrl8 Music video only.

Fitz and the Tantrums "Walker"  https://youtu.be/nGBLlFMn9Xc

Kite Suckers https://vimeo.com/191285511